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Chapter Officers

Chapter Officers

Sara G.


Hometown: Omaha, NE Graduation Year: 2019 Major: Theology and Secondary Education Favorite Kappa Memory: Leading the chapter in Eta Iota's most successful recruitment ever and welcoming all of our new members on Bid Day. Favorite Kappa Event: Recruitment because it is a wonderful time for our chapter to remember and reflect on why we love this organization and how much it has impacted us.

Katie M.

Vice President of Standards

Hometown: Marietta, GA Graduation Year: 2019 Major: Elementary Education Favorite Kappa Memory: Pref night, every single year. I've cried at every one since becoming an active, and I will never get over how incredible our songs are and what amazing things our sisterhood means to each and every one of us. Thank God I'll be surrounded by sisters' shoulders to cry on, because I'm telling you, I will NEED them next year. Favorite Kappa Event: Girls Academy. I guess it hasn't happened yet, but I cannot wait to spend a weekend working with young girls and helping them learn about leadership, empowerment, and just how wonderful they are.

Kara P.

Vice President of Organization

Hometown: Wichita, KS Graduation Year: 2018 Major: Health Administration and Policy Favorite Kappa Memory: Bid Day! I loved running up to my new sisters and being welcomed and embraced by such loving people. Favorite Kappa Event: Spring Banquet! I love spending a beautiful Sunday afternoon with my sisters!

Emma B.

Vice President of Academic Excellence

Hometown: West Liberty, IA Graduation Year: 2019 Major: Biology and Spanish, with a minor in Sustainability Favorite Kappa Memory: Having Kappa's as roommates the past two years. The inside jokes and the support has been a true blessing. Favorite Kappa Event: Big/Little week. It's so much fun to spoil our new members and see them find their new families. Also it brought me my amazing big and little and I couldn't be more thankful.

Catherine W.

Recording Secretary

Hometown: Albion, NE Graduation Year: 2019 Major: Psychology Favorite Kappa Memory: My Kappa Fam took a trip to Colorado and spent a week bonding and hiking and having some good ole Kappa quality time. It was also the first time I met my grandbig! Favorite Kappa Event: Big/Little Reveal is my favorite event because there is always so much excitement and anticipation surrounding the night. It is a night of joy and smiles :)

Tess H.

Corresponding Secretary

Hometown: Lakewood, CO Graduation Year: 2020 Major: Exercise Science Favorite Kappa Memory: My favorite Kappa memory was when my big surprised me in Chicago! I was a blast and we got even closer during that trip! We also had a random guy sing a Kappa song to us in a hotdog store when he saw my shirt, which I will never forget! Favorite Kappa Event: My favorite Kappa event is Kappa Cupcakes because it is super fun to see the smiling faces on people when you deliver their cupcake and they are super yummy! Also it supports a great cause which makes it even better!

Emily P.


Hometown: Wheaton, IL Graduation Year: 2020 Major: Undecided (likely Accounting) Favorite Kappa Memory: Big/Little Reveal because I wanted my Big so badly and when I unwrapped her, I was so incredibly happy! I loved having that smaller family within the larger Kappa family. Favorite Kappa Event: Going through recruitment as an active for the first time because I got to bond with my pledge class and get to know a lot of awesome potential new members!!

Maddie K.


Hometown: Omaha, NE Graduation Year: 2019 Major: Financial Services Favorite Kappa Memory: Going to Ireland with some of my best friends, we had the most fun exploring the city of Dublin! Favorite Kappa Event: My favorite event is Kappa Klassic because it’s such a blast to ride around on golf carts and attempt to play golf!

Molly R.


Hometown: Overland Park, KS Graduation Year: 2020 Major: Nursing Favorite Kappa Memory: Getting installed in front of the chapter. It was really amazing to see all of my sisters supporting me. Favorite Kappa Event: One of my favorite events is going to Conestoga. It is really neat to see the direct impact our chapter has made on the students.

Taylor N.

Education Chairman

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN Graduation Year: 2019 Major: Double major in Psychology and Healthy Lifestyle Management Favorite Kappa Memory: Getting my big and little! And attending my grand-big's wedding! Favorite Kappa Event: Big/Little Week

Mackenzie M.

Event Chairman

Hometown: Farmington, MN Graduation Year: 2020 Major: Neuroscience Favorite Kappa Memory: Bonding with my row during formal chapters, because it reminds me that even the worst weeks can have a bright spot! Favorite Kappa Event: Formal/Semi-Formal because it's fun to get dressed up and spend the night dancing and celebrating our lovely sisterhood! I also love getting to celebrate our seniors at Formal!

Casie W.

House Chairman

Hometown: Hopkins, MN Graduation Year: 2020 Major: Nursing Favorite Kappa Memory: Dancing on the stage at formal, because it was so out of my comfort zone, but I can do anything with best friends by my side. Favorite Kappa Event: Bid day! It reminds me of how excited I was to receive my bid and feeling so welcomed by my new sisters. This year it was awesome to see the same excitement in our newest members while also feeling so lucky to have them joining us.

Allyson G.

Membership Chairman

Hometown: San Jose, CA Graduation Year: 2020 Major: Chemistry Favorite Kappa Memory: My favorite Kappa memory was our Phi Class sleepover. It was the first time I was really able to connect with my sisters. Favorite Kappa Event: My favorite Kappa event is Kappa Kooldown. I love getting to dance on the mall and give people free sodas at the beginning of the school year.

Cierra R.

New Member Chairman

Hometown: Champlin, MN Graduation Year: 2021 Major: Nursing Favorite Kappa Memory: I loved having Sara as my owl buddy and then getting her as my big! She truly helped show me what Kappa sisterhood means when I was going through as a New Member. Favorite Kappa Event: I have loved going through recruitment on the other side of things! I felt as though our whole chapter bonded so much throughout the whole week.

Maggie K.

Panhellenic Delegate

Hometown: Shawnee, KS Graduation Year: 2020 Major: Sociology Favorite Kappa Memory: My favorite Kappa memory was meeting my best friend a week after bid day and becoming inseparable ever since! Favorite Kappa Event: My favorite Kappa events are our sisterhood retreats! I love having an opportunity to take a break from our busy lives to connect with each other.

Kenzie E.

Philanthropy Chairman

Hometown: Stillwater, OK Graduation Year: 2020 Major: Biology with a minor in Leadership and Theology Favorite Kappa Memory: When Maddie and I broke down in the Chick-fil-A parking lot and had to drive to the dealership without working light including a speedometer. And Kenzie M had to get us back to campus for the All Sorority Workshop in record time. Favorite Kappa Event: Kappa Kupcakes dah!

Anna H.

Public Relations Chairman

Hometown: Owatonna, MN Graduation Year: 2021 Major: Nursing Favorite Kappa Memory: Meeting my twin at Big/Little Reveal. <3 Favorite Kappa Event: Kappa Kupcakes! It’s so much fun to knock on everyone’s doors and watch their reaction as we hand deliver the cupcakes! They’re yummy too!!

Lizzie R.

Risk Management Chairman

Hometown: Plymouth, MN Graduation Year: 2020 Major: BIA or Finance on the Pre-Med Track Favorite Kappa Memory: My favorite Kappa memory would be my Bid day last year. I was so excited to open my card and see Kappa on it. When I walked into the room, my big came and gave me a huge hug which made me cry and I knew immediately I had found my home. Favorite Kappa Event: My favorite Kappa event is Learning to Read at Conestoga. Being able to see the kids learn to read the books that I read growing up, and seeing their faces when something finally clicks and they start reading by themselves is such a privilege.